unexpected flavors

Blends that stimulate the senses and please the palate.

delightfully unexpected flavors

organic darjeeling

organic peachy green

organic spicy ginger

organic baked cinnamon apple

organic pan-fired green

organic peach cobbler

organic bramblewine

organic sultry strawberry

organic earl grey blanc

organic earl grey noir

awake™ english breakfast



earl grey

calm™ chamomile

wild sweet orange

green ginger

refresh™ mint

china green tips

decaf lotus blossom green

sweet cinnamon spice

apricot vanilla crème

berryblossom white®

scarlet citrus rooibos

cucumber white

flowering honeybush

cocoa mint mate

chai classic

chai organic

chai decaf

iced passion®

iced true black

iced lemongrass green

iced blushberry black™

iced citrus bliss

chai classic latte

chai organic latte

chai decaf latte

organic iced green tea

organic iced black tea

organic himalayan black

organic golden amber

organic jasmine green

iced passion®

giant peach



iced black tea with lemon

lemon ginger

black tea mango

tea lemonade

white cranberry

plum pomegranate

berryblossom white®

awake™ english breakfast K-Cup® packs

zen™ K-Cup® packs

chai K-Cup® packs

calm™ chamomile K-Cup® packs

chai chocolate

chai vanilla caramel

chai vanilla caramel latte

chai pumpkin spice latte

chai pumpkin spice

gingerly jasmine™ full-leaf sachets

cinnamon chalet full-leaf sachets

berry trifle full-leaf sachets

orange chiffon full-leaf sachets

mint mosaic full-leaf sachets

iced blushberry black™ K-Cup® packs

iced passion® K-Cup® packs

iced passion®

iced sangria black

iced peachy green

istanbul spice

egyptian ruby

russian twilight

brazilian ginger maté

chinese orchard

japanese sakura

chai vanilla caramel latte K-Cup® pods

chai classic latte K-Cup® pods

unsweetened iced peachy black K-Cup® pods

unsweetened iced mango green K-Cup® pods

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